#/System Security Review


In cooperation with your IT team, we perform a system security review of the infrastructure (web devices, servers, users’ computers) and record all security deficiencies – those that are due to wrong system settings, as well as those that are due to vulnerable versions of software used. If you desire, we also perform a security check of eventual hired outside infrastructure (IaaS), which is physically located outside of your organization. We will also record other aspects of security of the infrastructure (physical safety, access security, archiving security…). According to found deficiencies, we will provide suitable advice on their abolishment.

For whom

System security review is suitable for companies that have not yet taken major security measures, and want a thorough security review of their infrastructure.


At the end, you will receive an exhaustive report on the system security review, including:

  • basic information on the project
  • a report for the management
  • the course of the security review
  • a review of discovered deficiencies
  • findings and recommendations

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