#/Source Code Security Review


In cooperation with your software developers, we gain the source code, that can be written in any programming language, which you want us to review from the security point of view. The source code is analyzed, and all deficiencies, which could represent a potential incorrect operation resulting in a security threat, are recorded. In the end, we provide recommendations for the abolishment of deficiencies and guidelines for secure programming. These recommendations and guidelines are written based on the most common deficiencies that have been discovered.

For whom

Application source code security review is suitable for companies that have access to the source codes of their applications – sometimes these are the companies ordering the applications, sometimes these are the developers themselves. A review is always reasonable – but especially when the security aspect was not taken into account during the development of applications.


Upon the conclusion of the project, you will receive an exhaustive report about the application source code security review, including:

  • basic information about the project
  • a report for the management
  • the course of the security review
  • a review of found deficiencies
  • findings and recommendations

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