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BSidesLjubljana 2017 round 3

We hardly wait for round 3 of Conference BSidesLjubljana. This year the conference will take place on March 10, 2017. CTF will be also available. More information at https://bsidesljubljana.si/

Security BSidesLjubljana 2016 is coming

We are only two days away from Conference BSidesLjubljana. Community of information security enthusiasts is organizing again the conference, which will take place on March 9, 2016. Schedule is up with promising talks. For those participants who find security a little more exciting CTF will be available. More information at https://bsidesljubljana.si/


We are proud to share our knowledge in first Slovenian documentary film about hackers. Do they really exist in Slovenia? Who they are? What is their motivation?

The TV premiere will be on December 17, 2015 on channel TV SLO 2 at 8 PM.


[1] http://www.hekerji.si/

Using CloudFlare and still leaking real IP address?

Recently I ran across interesting challenge. Some friends had problems with their service. Providing brand new service and having someone on the other side executing DDoS this service is not very promising beginning for some startup. Therefore, I decided to tackle this challenge and at the end it was not very hard to find leakage.


Big week for Viris

Two conferences in two days!

Milan Gabor is proud to be a speaker at DeepSec 2015 Conference that will take place in Vienna starting tomorow. Milan’s presentation will be about Visualizing Wi-Fi Packets the Hacker’s Way.

At the same time Danijel Grah will have speach at DefCamp 2015 Conference in Bucharest. He will present ELK stack for Hackers.

Challenges for youngsters

Viris participated on event Challenges for youngsters, organized by SPIRIT Slovenija. There are series of workshops through whole year where youngsters are invited to solve business challenges for different types of companies. Youngsters have one week to solve concrete challenge and to present results. This workshops should also help prospective youngsters get jobs. More information at http://www.podjetniski-portal.si/o-podjetnistvu/izzivi-mladim or at https://www.facebook.com/

Security BSides is Coming to Slovenia

Community of information security enthusiasts is organizing Security BSidesLjubljana conference, which will take place on 12 March 2015. The conference is organized in the spirit of other BSides and will include topics like hacking and cracking, protection, security and new technologies. BSidesLjubljana invites all authors that are willing to reveal old, new and still accurate topics, to submit their papers. Call for papers is open till 15 February 2015. More information at http://bsidesljubljana.si/cfp/.

Digital Challenge

Digitalni izzivDigital Challenge is a competition in the field of computer and information security. Currently, it is a side event at a conference. The purpose of the challenge is to provide an attractive infosec activity through various challenges which will encourage the visitors to be more creative in using of computers and information technologies. Also, we want the challenge to demonstrate various concepts of information security in a entertaining way.

The challenge consists of more and less difficult tasks, which can be solved in arbitrary order by using a specially designed web portal. Normally, the participants will not need any special tools – in most cases, a web browser will suffice; however in some cases special tools might be needed to access the competition servers in different ways. On the web portal and on the screens at the conference, it will be possible to observe the progress (number of solved tasks and the sum of points for each participant) of the hackers almost in real time. At the official ending ceremony, the most successful hackers will receive practical awards.

More at: http://izziv.viris.si/

At the beginning…

And it is up! Our new web page is up and running. We planned to be place where we will occasionally tell our thoughts about actual matters from the information security areas. With this we will contribute to better IT security in your systems, bring some new ideas or just simply express our thoughts about challenges that we are facing on a daily basis.

First I must admit, that until now I haven’t been writing any blogs, so this is even my firt blog post. I have been writing a lot of articles in student magazines, but this is quite long ago, but after that I never found time or any good reason for sharing my thoughts with all of you. And now things will not change that much. I will blog occasionally, but my colleagues will also blog, so you will have some material to read. I am still thinking, that best time to speak is when you have something to speak. If you don’t something smart to tell, then is better to be still.