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I know what you forgot last summer – DNS

After preparing and organizing some CTF events we discovered that players struggle at a particular task.  Often forgotten to look at it, but it is a must do in every penetration test. We are talking about a misconfigured DNS server that allows zone transfers from any source. This post is not about explaining details of a zone transfer, but rather about how to initiate one in Linux or Windows and if you want to learn more look DNS zone transfer. (more…)

BalCCon 2k15 CTF

Viris is proud to be the organizer of CTF (Capture the Flag) competition at BalCCon 2k15 security event that lasted from September 11th till 13th, 2015.  CTF competition was designed from pentester perspective where the ultimate goal was to take over BigFish’s Domain Controller. Besides real and legit hacking of the virtual environment, where flags were hidden in the form of security vulnerabilities, warm up tasks had been provided for challengers that didn’t want to get dirty.

Competition was heating up second day where we had couple of groups hacking as crazy. After two long nights there have been quite some challenges also for us as organizers, but we managed to solve them after all.

The grandmasters of CTF at BalCCon 2k15 are Hetti and cluosh. (more…)

Security BSides Ljubljana Real-CTF

In the spirit of Security BSides Ljubljana 2015 there was CTF contest titled Real-CTF. Why choose such a title? Because it was designed like a virtual company with lots of vulnerabilities. Of course, the number and impact of vulnerabilities were enhanced so that the playground area was spread in X in Y axis of fun. Here is a short write up.


Results of Digital Challenge OTS 2011

According to the success of the first Digital challenge from two months ago, we decided to continue and also enrich the conference OTS 2011. This time we also prepared interesting tasks from the field of computer science, informatics, cryptography, computer security and common knowledge that 47 participants were solving. There were testing their creativity on the pre-contest and also during the 2 day long conference OTS 2011. All together there were 25 tasks with varying difficulty that allowed to achieve 5900 points and also 120 extra points for better results of some tasks.

We congratulate all the participants that managed to solve any digital challenge with their creativity. Everyone who have not participated may read more about the competition it in one of the previous blog posts.

Results of Digital Challenge DSI 2011

Together with the end of DSI 2011 conference, the Digital challenge DSI 2011 also came to an end. Many people were considering various tasks of the challenge, however only 32 of the bravest actually participated in the event and used their computers in creative ways. Some of those were present at the conference as well, whereas others competed remotely over the Internet. The challenge lasted for 3 days and ran smoothly. However, we quickly noted that the first tasks were too easy, since some participants were getting close to maximum number of points very quickly. This lead us to adding new, more difficult ones and in the end, there were 26 different tasks available to choose from. Solving all 26 tasks would award a participant with maximum of 4500 points. The tasks were divided in 5 categories (general, cryptography and stenography, information gathering, penetration, social engineering). The easiest one was solved by 31 participants while the hardest was solved only by two cryptography ninjas.

We want to congratulate to all the participants which showed their creativity and solved at least some of the tasks. The four highest ranked hackers which passed the magic 3.000 points limit will receive practical awards – products of our partner Gemalto.

Digital Challenge

Digitalni izzivDigital Challenge is a competition in the field of computer and information security. Currently, it is a side event at a conference. The purpose of the challenge is to provide an attractive infosec activity through various challenges which will encourage the visitors to be more creative in using of computers and information technologies. Also, we want the challenge to demonstrate various concepts of information security in a entertaining way.

The challenge consists of more and less difficult tasks, which can be solved in arbitrary order by using a specially designed web portal. Normally, the participants will not need any special tools – in most cases, a web browser will suffice; however in some cases special tools might be needed to access the competition servers in different ways. On the web portal and on the screens at the conference, it will be possible to observe the progress (number of solved tasks and the sum of points for each participant) of the hackers almost in real time. At the official ending ceremony, the most successful hackers will receive practical awards.

More at: http://izziv.viris.si/