#/Application Penetration Testing


In performing the penetration testing of applications, we simulate an attack on your web applications (with various entry levels if necessary) or any other kind of applications (software for clients, servers, local software, system software…) without doing any harm to your data. The characteristics and goals of the penetration testing are determined by your wishes beforehand – what kind of attack you want us to simulate, what the attacker’s motivation is, is the attacker internal or external to your company, and similar. Simultaneously we note every deficiency and include it in the report. Afterwards, we make recommendations for the abolishment of deficiencies. Thus we provide you with information on the softest points in your applications.

For whom

The penetration testing of applications is suitable for companies that have already taken security measures with their applications (or have had them made by a contracting company), and now want to verify the efficiency of these measures. Namely, the penetration testing is not a complete security audit, but is rather aimed at discovering the security deficiencies that enable the attacker to reach their goals as simply as possible.


After concluding the project, you will receive a detailed report about the results of the penetration testing of the system. The report will include:

  • basic information about the project
  • a report for the management
  • a review of the goals of the penetration testing
  • the course of the penetration testing, along with data and access that was gained
  • a description of other possible attack scenarios
  • a review of discovered deficiencies
  • findings and recommendations

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