Big week for Viris

Two conferences in two days!

Milan Gabor is proud to be a speaker at DeepSec 2015 Conference that will take place in Vienna starting tomorow. Milan’s presentation will be about Visualizing Wi-Fi Packets the Hacker’s Way.

At the same time Danijel Grah will have speach at DefCamp 2015 Conference in Bucharest. He will present ELK stack for Hackers.

I know what you forgot last summer – DNS

After preparing and organizing some CTF events we discovered that players struggle at a particular task.  Often forgotten to look at it, but it is a must do in every penetration test. We are talking about a misconfigured DNS server that allows zone transfers from any source. This post is not about explaining details of a zone transfer, but rather about how to initiate one in Linux or Windows and if you want to learn more look DNS zone transfer. (more…)

BalCCon 2k15 CTF

Viris is proud to be the organizer of CTF (Capture the Flag) competition at BalCCon 2k15 security event that lasted from September 11th till 13th, 2015.  CTF competition was designed from pentester perspective where the ultimate goal was to take over BigFish’s Domain Controller. Besides real and legit hacking of the virtual environment, where flags were hidden in the form of security vulnerabilities, warm up tasks had been provided for challengers that didn’t want to get dirty.

Competition was heating up second day where we had couple of groups hacking as crazy. After two long nights there have been quite some challenges also for us as organizers, but we managed to solve them after all.

The grandmasters of CTF at BalCCon 2k15 are Hetti and cluosh. (more…)

Someone else’s trash is another man’s treasure

Everyone in a company is responsible for company’s data security. A company can spend billions of dollars on all kinds of security equipment, but it only takes one person for company’s security to be compromised [1].

Among various techniques and methods used during Penetration Test sometimes we also do “Dumpster Diving”, which involves searching throughout the trash or garbage looking for something useful to gain access to the network or to get data that helps at next steps. Seemingly innocent information like organizational charts, calendar entries, or phone records can be used in a social engineering attack. (more…)

Wi-Fi security in Ljubljana

Here is a short story about access points (AP). We were wardriving through Ljubljana with a mission to analyze the security of Ljubljana’s Wi-Fi network. Our focus was collecting information about different authentication types in use. The goal was to capture a representative set of information about AP’s so that some assumption about security of Wi-Fi could be given. The only hardware we used was our Android mobile phone with the great Wigle Wifi Wardriving Android application. We already had a large database and we combined it with a smaller one that was obtained fresh from wardriving. The next step was to narrow down the area. Wigle Wifi app stores information about AP’s in a local SQL-lite database, so limiting the area was a piece of cake. (more…)

Security BSides Ljubljana Real-CTF

In the spirit of Security BSides Ljubljana 2015 there was CTF contest titled Real-CTF. Why choose such a title? Because it was designed like a virtual company with lots of vulnerabilities. Of course, the number and impact of vulnerabilities were enhanced so that the playground area was spread in X in Y axis of fun. Here is a short write up.


Challenges for youngsters

Viris participated on event Challenges for youngsters, organized by SPIRIT Slovenija. There are series of workshops through whole year where youngsters are invited to solve business challenges for different types of companies. Youngsters have one week to solve concrete challenge and to present results. This workshops should also help prospective youngsters get jobs. More information at http://www.podjetniski-portal.si/o-podjetnistvu/izzivi-mladim or at https://www.facebook.com/

Security BSides is Coming to Slovenia

Community of information security enthusiasts is organizing Security BSidesLjubljana conference, which will take place on 12 March 2015. The conference is organized in the spirit of other BSides and will include topics like hacking and cracking, protection, security and new technologies. BSidesLjubljana invites all authors that are willing to reveal old, new and still accurate topics, to submit their papers. Call for papers is open till 15 February 2015. More information at http://bsidesljubljana.si/cfp/.

Analysing Android Applications or just cheating in Games

The growing number of Android based devices, the simplified development process of Android applications and their wide spread usage is attracting potential attackers that are after financial gain. By analyzing the area of security issues addressing Android applications (APK’s ), we found out that there is no such thing as good tool to help with runtime analysis and we are too lazy to debug all the time. Therefore we developed a tool called Vaccine. Vaccine is used for dynamically analyzing APK’s. For detailed explanation continue reading. If you just want to use Vaccine visit link https://github.com/viris/android/tree/master/vaccine. Readme contains some additional information about how to use Vaccine.


Using Fiddler

Fiddler is a proxy that can intercept all the HTTP(S) traffic that’s flowing between your client and the server you’re connected to. (more…)