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Security BSides is Coming to Slovenia

Community of information security enthusiasts is organizing Security BSidesLjubljana conference, which will take place on 12 March 2015. The conference is organized in the spirit of other BSides and will include topics like hacking and cracking, protection, security and new technologies. BSidesLjubljana invites all authors that are willing to reveal old, new and still accurate topics, to submit their papers. Call for papers is open till 15 February 2015. More information at

Analysing Android Applications or just cheating in Games

The growing number of Android based devices, the simplified development process of Android applications and their wide spread usage is attracting potential attackers that are after financial gain. By analyzing the area of security issues addressing Android applications (APK’s ), we found out that there is no such thing as good tool to help with runtime analysis and we are too lazy to debug all the time. Therefore we developed a tool called Vaccine. Vaccine is used for dynamically analyzing APK’s. For detailed explanation continue reading. If you just want to use Vaccine visit link Readme contains some additional information about how to use Vaccine.