Malware Surveillance in Slovenia: Science-Fiction or Reality

In the last couple of years malware has reached a widespread use not only in a widespread world, but also in Slovenia. This is not something that isn’t happening in our country, but is a reality. Let’s take a look at the first picture [1], which presents the countries targeted by the NetTraveler malware. We can see that most of the world is affected and Slovenia is also present on the map.


If we zoom the picture over the Europe area it’s clearly shown that Slovenia is interesting to malware writers. What’s also interesting is the fact that larger countries like France, Spain, Italy and similar are not being targeted in such widespread adoption, according to The NetTraveler Attacks picture.


It would make sense to target those more prominent countries rather than Slovenia.

We have to face the fact that we’re becoming more important to the malware writers for whichever reason. The legend on the picture states that our diplomatic institutions are being targeted. This is yet another evidence of hacker attacks happening in our country and should not be lightly dismissed or overlooked.

Reference: [1] “Surveillance malware targets 350 high profile victims in 40 countries”, accessible at

Posted by Dejan Lukanon6.6.2013