Results of Digital Challenge Infosek 2011

This year we also participated at the conference Infosek 2011 for the first time. We prepared interesting tasks from the field of computer science, information science, cryptography and stenography, programming, and also mathematics. This time there were relatively few competitors – only 11, which does not mean that competition was not a success. There were total of 32 tasks with total sum points of 5100. The best among the competitors reached 3500 points, and solved 24 tasks. There were also social engineering tasks, where the competitors had to obtain certain information from beautiful Nives, to solve certain tasks. There was also a social engineering task, where the competitors had to penetrate the director of Viris company, Milan Gabor. The competition was held during the conference, the 24th and 25 November, and was prolonged over the weekend till 27th November. The top three also received practical reward.

I would like to congratulate all of the competitors for solving any digital challenge.

The final results of the competition are:

Place Player Solved Tasks Num point
1 punky 24 3500
2 Netis 24 3100
3 kernc 18 2800
4 razi 11 1100
5 arto 6 900
6 citrus 7 700
7 beta 6 600
8 cubeman 5 500
9 test1 5 500
10 m1 2 200
11 janbk 2 200
Posted by Dejan Lukanon5.12.2011