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Ethical hacking

In the last decade the Internet spread like no-one anticipated. A lot of information was moved to the Internet. Almost everything is being digitalized: information is being stored in various databases, services are being performed over the Internet, we’re even paying bills from our computer, etc. But in all this craze, we can ask ourselves one question: what about security?


Winning at the event of looking for business solutions

Company Frodx had organized in Kolosej on 25th October an event called Arena of business solutions. Entrepreneurs had competed in business ideas, services and solutions. Viris competed in a category of Public Administration and Large organizations among organizations like Avtenta, Inovo,, SmartIS and Medic Sistemi. With business idea »Want to hire a hacker?« we had won a great per cent of votes in a first round of voting for presenting business idea and usefulness of business idea. Then, public voted for three finalists. We had come among first three business ideas. Competitors had to once again answer on questions from the public and other specilaists. After final presentations and answers on questions, public had chosen the winner of this event and we are proud to tell, that our CEO, Milan Gabor, won the competition with best business idea.