Digital Challenge

Digitalni izzivDigital Challenge is a competition in the field of computer and information security. Currently, it is a side event at a conference. The purpose of the challenge is to provide an attractive infosec activity through various challenges which will encourage the visitors to be more creative in using of computers and information technologies. Also, we want the challenge to demonstrate various concepts of information security in a entertaining way.

The challenge consists of more and less difficult tasks, which can be solved in arbitrary order by using a specially designed web portal. Normally, the participants will not need any special tools – in most cases, a web browser will suffice; however in some cases special tools might be needed to access the competition servers in different ways. On the web portal and on the screens at the conference, it will be possible to observe the progress (number of solved tasks and the sum of points for each participant) of the hackers almost in real time. At the official ending ceremony, the most successful hackers will receive practical awards.

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Posted by milanon17.4.2011