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At the beginning…

And it is up! Our new web page is up and running. We planned to be place where we will occasionally tell our thoughts about actual matters from the information security areas. With this we will contribute to better IT security in your systems, bring some new ideas or just simply express our thoughts about challenges that we are facing on a daily basis.

First I must admit, that until now I haven’t been writing any blogs, so this is even my firt blog post. I have been writing a lot of articles in student magazines, but this is quite long ago, but after that I never found time or any good reason for sharing my thoughts with all of you. And now things will not change that much. I will blog occasionally, but my colleagues will also blog, so you will have some material to read. I am still thinking, that best time to speak is when you have something to speak. If you don’t something smart to tell, then is better to be still.